A Vess is a humanoid mecha created to combat the creatures that originate from the Lightless Realm.

A Vess uses a tripod leg configuration, two legs and a tail; the MA-Vess are able stand without the tail on the ground.


The weapons of a vess appear to operating using electromagnetic forces.

To destroy the core of Abomination, Vess are equipped hammer-like weapon called a Penetrator that is meant to drive a special stake into the vital core of an Abomination; This stake is said to cost 20 million yen. While the Tower type T1 Vess uses an extendable arm, the Argent is equipped with a handheld weapon that is closer to an actual hammer.


The MA-Vess are an advanced type of Vess meant to allow exploration of the Lightless Realm.

The Linker Interface Module, or LIM, is the key component of a MA-Vess. These core devices are created from persons infected with Necrometal, and the pilot needs to synchronize with the LIM to operate the Vess and resist the effects of the Lightless Realm. .

List of VessEdit

A Mass Production Vess.
  • Shirogane
The Vess piloted by Aoshi when he attempted to explore the Lightless Realm.
It's LIM unit is Aoshi Saginuma.
Piloted by Mahmu Yuzuki, its LIM unit is Emiru Hazaki.
It's LIM unit is Sasame Izuriha.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The second MA-Vess unit, Sable, shares it's name with the anime's second ending song by nano.