Sasame Izuriha (出羽 ササメ Izuriha Sasame?) is one of the main characters of the M3 the dark metal television series.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Sasame is a quiet girl with dark gray hair. She is nice to others and gets worried easily.


The recruits from Kukonichi Academy saw Sasame's photo on the board.


Sasame was later personally introduced to the members of Team Gargouille.


She seemed shy at first and Akashi seemed to be interested in her. Emiru noticed this which indicated that she is jealous. Later on, Minashi tried to be friendly and entertained her as he introduced himself to her.
Sasame and minashi

Minashi accompanying Sasame.

Akashi received a note stating to meet a person somewhere and it turned out to be Emiru, that was when they encountered Minashi and Sasame planning to light some fireworks. Akashi and Emiru joined in.
Akashi and sasame fireworks

Akashi to Sasame as she plays with fireworks.

As Sasame lit her firework, Akashi tried to talk to her. Akashi first asked Sasame if Minashi forced her to light some fireworks, Sasame answered that he didn't force her and that she wanted to have some fun. Akashi then asked her if she was having fun, Sasame answered that she did. Akashi then changed the topic and started asking Sasame if she had been on corpses or if she had met a corpse, Sasame answered that she hadn't but mentioned that she had met a corpse in her dream. Sasame asked Akashi if he would want to light some fireworks, Akashi said that he would.


Sasame Crying

The next day, Team Gargouille encountered an Admonition. As Akashi tried to fight it with the Reaper, Sasame was standing in the middle of the field. Akashi told her to hurry and escape, he then saw her crying. Akashi saw a vision giving the Adminition a chance to attack him. Then, Sasame accidentally touched a can with her foot making a sound and making the Admonition look at her and get distracted giving Akashi a chance to hit and kill the Admontion. Everyone saw Akashi destroying the Admontion. Sasame assumed that the Admontion was a child that didn't get enough time to play. Akashi looked at Sasame from the Reaper thinking that he met Sasame somewhere in the past. 


Akashi Saginuma

They are friends. Akashi says that there was someone he was looking for his entire life and says that that person was her. They also cuddled in the 11th episode. Akashi has showed that he cares for her deeply, but since Sasame has become a LIM, the viewer is unable to determine the extent of her feelings for Akashi.

Minashi Maki

They are friends. Sasame synchronizes best with Minashi. Minashi apparently understands her the best. 

Emiru Hazaki

They haven't actually talked. Emiru is jealous of Sasame because she knows that Akashi has taken in interest in Sasame. At first she complains about the relationship that Akashi and Sasame have, but later on, she would simply look hurt and sad.