(原罪、カコミライ, Genzai, kakomirai)

Episode Data
Episode M3 the dark metal: #24
Japanese September 29, 2014
ORIGINAL SIN, PAST AND FUTURE (原罪、カコミライ Genzai, kakomirai?) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of M3 the dark metal. It first aired in Japan on September 29, 2014.




Akashi and Minashi are inside the corpse. As Akashi walks, he sees the past. Akashi saw the time when Tusugmi felt alone, their first sing against Tsugumi. Then, Akashi and Minashi meet.They first talk but end up Minashi trying to infect Akashi with Necrometal. Suddenly, Sasame appears and stops Minashi from doing so. Minashi then appears inside the corpse and is rebelling against them sticking to his opinion. 

Raika playing basketball iwato winning lol

Iwato bragging while he wins a game against Raika.

Sasame then guises as the GUEULES and resonates with Akashi trying to defeat Minashi. Akashi and Sasame felt that resonating with each other was warmer than what they've felt before. At the moment Akashi and Sasame were about to be defeated, the others came to help but it wasn't enough. Tsugumi later on realized what she has done to the corpse and somehow stopped the corpse and Minashi. Akashi offers a hand to Minashi to start over. Sasame and Akashi tells him about reaching out to each other so they can be unified in a harmless way. 

Heito with his beloved teddy bear

Heito and his beloved teddy bear.

The Lightless Realm has been stopped. Kasane and the others have found a way to revive the people who were made into Vesses. In the end, it's shown that Akashi is outside looking at little kids playing reminding him of when they were little. 

Minashi and tsugumi

Tsugumi and Minashi talking.

It's also show that Raika and Iwato were playing basketball with Raika losing and Iwato bragging. Heito is then shown recovering while holding his teddy bear. After that, Tsugumi and Minashi are talking while Minashi recovers.

Mahmu is seen telling a story to Emiru.
Mahmu and emiru

Mahmu telling a story to Emiru. Emiru smiles.

As Akshi walks, he finds Tsugumi sitting on a tree branch. It's told here that the corpse was still around. Tsugumi also feels sorry for Sasame. At the very end, Akashi goes to visit Sasame in the hospital. 
Akashi and sasame crying awwwwww

Akashi crying when he sees Sasame open her eyes.

As soon as he sees Sasame open her eyes, tears of joy comes out from Akashi's eyes.