Minashi Maki (真木 ミナシ?) is a character from M3 the dark metal. Minashi is a member of Team Gargouille. He's synchronized most with Sasame Izuriha.

Personality & Character

Having an average height, Minashi is only slightly taller than the other girls. He has brown hair that is always tied on one side and let alone on the other. He has light gray eyes. Whenever he is not wearing his pilot suit, he is mostly seen wearing a white polo shirt that is unbuttoned and khaki pants which are a few inches below his knees. 

Despite looking cheerful and happy on the outside most of the time in the anime, he is actually very different on the inside. He takes the blame for what he and the others did and would go to drastic lengths in order to resolve the problem.

Unlike Akashi, Minashi is very confident in himself. He believes that he is the right person for Sasame. He also believes that he will be the one to fix everything not Akashi.


Minashi's photo was seen