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M3 The Dark Metal PS Vita/PS4 Game's Main Promo Streamed
Namco Bandai Games began streaming the main promotional video for its upcoming M3 the dark metal Mission Memento Mori PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 game on Wednesday.

The “Memento Mori” in the title is Latin for “Remember that you will die.”

The game is slated to ship in Japan on November 20. The PS Vita version will retail for 6,170 yen (about US$60), while the PlayStation 4 version will sell for 7,120 yen (about US$70). First copies of the game will ship with a product code to download an episode of the M3 the dark metal radio program specially recorded for the game lead by voice actresses Sayuri Yahagi and Misato Fukuen, and a reversible jacket for the game featuring an illustration by the Satelight staff. The PlayStation 4 version will only come with the product code for the radio program.

Source: Anime News Network