Heito Isaku (伊削 ヘイト?) is a character that appears in M3 the dark metal.

Personality & CharacterEdit

He is a psychopath who is known for murdering his own family. Despite his obvious psychological issues, he is chosen as one of the students to battle Admonitions. Heito synchronizes best with Emiru (their synchronization is said to be the strongest of the entire group). Heito and Emiru are able to communicate with their minds. Heito appears to enjoy feeling Emiru's abnormally strong emotions of terror and fear and shows possessiveness in regards to Emiru by calling her "his girl" or "his partner".


Heito was chosen as a pilot for IX, before he arrived, Akashi and his friends had already seen a photograph of him.


After Team Gargouille defeated their first Admonition as a team near Mt. Benten, a guard entered Heito's cell. Heito laughed as the guard approached him. Heito pulled out a knife and slashed the guard, continuing to laugh. He rhetorically asked the brutally wounded guard why he wasn't allowed to laugh, later strangling the guard to death. After escaping, he approached Kukonichi Academy and could smell terror, this was because Team Gargouille's instructor, Niegawa, had recently been killed by a corpse. Heito embraced his freedom and laughed.

After Emiru turns into an Admonition, Heito is shown to be shocked and crying at the fate of his partner. Upon the death of Emiru, Heito is the first vocalize her death and seems traumatized. Heito becomes catatonic after the death of Emiru and refuses to believe she has died and left him. Eventually, Heito is drawn to the MA-Vess Sable which contains Emiru's necrometalicized body. Heito is overjoyed to have Emiru back and seems to occasionally struggle to control Sable (especially if he tries to harm Akashi with it) suggesting to him that Emiru will not tolerate him hurting Akashi. Heito seems to be jealous of Akashi but does not harm him as he knows Emiru will not allow it.


Emiru Hazaki