Akashi Saginuma (鷺沼 アカシ Saginuma Akashi?) is the main protagonist of the M3 the dark metal television series.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Akashi Saginuma is cold, short-tempered, reserved, and stubborn. He has dark hair and eyes, but fair skin. He seems to be a rude person who dismisses everything around him as unimportant, but later on he shows a sincere and caring side. 

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

He seems to be the only one in the group that is able to control the shinigami or "reaper".


AkashiSaginuma-1 thedarkmetal-1

Akashi as a child.

Akashi's parents both died when he was young. His older brother Aoshi has protected him ever since. Akashi wished that it was his brother that had died.

Akashi later enrolled at Kukunochi Academy where he became greatly admired for his piloting skills and looks. During his second year at the academy, he, along with his best friend/classmate Iwato Namito, first year student Mahmu Yuzuki, and temp worker Emiru Hazaki, were all chosen to become pilots for IX.



Sasame Izuriha

Sasame and Akashi talking.

Akashi was drawn to Sasame when he saw her singing, and saw that she resembled the corpse. Sasame was also the first person he experienced warmth and emotional connection with. Though it has not yet been clear whether the growing bond between Akashi and Sasame is romantic or platonic, the two seem to be developing feelings for each other. They also cuddled. In the 17th episode, he confirmed that he is in love with Sasame. 
Akashi is in love with sasame

Akashi's confession. 17th episode.

Emiru Hazaki

Emiru has a crush on Akashi. Akashi regrets being unable to realize what was happening to Emiru until it was too late. He blames himself for acting cold and aloof towards Emiru when she had actually been giving hints and clues about what was happening to her.

Tsugumi Izuriha

Tsugumi is in love with Akashi but Akashi seems to be wary of Tsugumi. It appears that the relationship between Akashi and Tsugumi is one sided and that Akashi simply considers Tsugumi as a dear friend.

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